I guess I should stop being surprised, it happens without fail! Every time I start my new strength training routine it KILLS! I make it to the end of a month and i'm feeling pretty good, I can handle the routine and think i'm pretty tough! So I mix it up and Boom - ow! Just goes to show the value in changing up your routine, stressing different muscle groups in different ways. By not changing your routine you do yourself an injustice, the body will eventually stop producing results, you might feel like a strong man (woman) as you do the same lunge for the 14th week but the only thing getting a good workout is your ego!
My ego was severely 'worked out' on Monday when my new routine started - sigh, looks like i'm human again ;)

Here are a few tips for your strength building routine:
Warm up for 10-15 mins before starting.
Make sure your routine covers all your muscle groups.
Don't strength train on consecutive days, allow the muscles to recover and gain.
Focus on good form, quality over quantity.
Change your routine every 4-6 weeks.

As a Mum and a triathlete I struggle to fit it all in, so much of my training is away from my kids. Strength training has become a fun thing though. Poppy (4) and I crank Pandora (she loves Michael Franti) and 'dance' she counts reps for me and we dance around between routines - gets my heart rate up and makes it fun for both of us.


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