I am so excited about to announce Balance Multisport's newest endeavor! Tri-mentoring, a program of encouragement, support and education for new triathletes.
The triathlon world is blossoming at the moment, so many new races that really open themselves up to beginners. But no matter how newbie friendly a race strives to be there are always questions that need answers, nerves that could be soothed and encouragement to be offered. Race Directors (incredible as they are!) simply cannot be in all places at all times. it has been my vision for some time to create a program that fulfills that need - and here it is!
Balance Multisport will be at many area races this year as a race ambassador and  tri mentor. Ready and willing to answer any and all race questions, from course directions to transition tips to how to get your wetsuit on! Any querie, no matter how silly you think it might sound, my goal is to make that first (or second or third) tri the fun experience it can be.
Let's take the stress out of triathlon logistics and enjoy the race!

Check out our partnership with Tri-Maine!

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