I love Maine - I really do.... but the winter here is long and cold!
While the treadmill is a useful training tool for those super cold, super snowy days, there are a good number of winter days that are great for running outside. You just have to know how to dress for success ;)

Here are a few tips to keep you cozy during winter runs.

  • Wear a hat! Just like Mum always said, a lot of heat can be lost from your head, keep it covered.
  • Wear wicking materials. Moisture wicking gear is as important in the winter as it is in the summer. That comfy cotton sweatshirt will be a heavy, cold drag after a few miles.
  • Don't forget your hands and feet! Wear warm moisture wicking socks, merino wool does a great job. And moisture wicking gloves. If it's really cold opt for mittens instead.
  • Dress in layers, start with a thin synthetic layer like polypropelene to wick sweat away, add an outer breathable layer of gore or nylon to protect you from the wind and if it's really chilly add a mid layer of fleece.
  • Grab your shades, sunglasses will help with glare from the snow and they will also keep your eyes from drying out and your eyelashes from freezing.
  • Warm up gently, you may want to sprint the first mile to warm up but you risk pulling cold muscles and injuring yourself - take it easy!
  • Remember to hydrate, you'll still warm up and lose fluid due to sweat.
  • After your run change into dry clothes quickly, your body temp will come down quickly and staying in wet clothes can out you at risk for hypothermia.

Enjoy your winter runs, the scenery can be spectacular and if nothing else they make you really appreciate those warm summer days!

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