The first step toward anything can be the biggest and most challenging.
If you're thinking about trying out triathlon here are a few ideas to move from a spectator to a happy participant!
  1. Choose your race. Check out an event calendar or look at the club races your local tri club has chosen (they know the good ones). Think about your summer and how long you would like to prepare. 
  2. REGISTER for said race. That's right pay the money!!! You will be financially involved now!
  3. Tell 10 of your friends that you're doing a tri. Yes, 10. Having all those folks know your goal will inspire you to fulfill it (even if it's just so you don't have to tell 10 friends that you bailed on the race!)

Once that first step has been taken the hardest part is done. Congratulate yourself and get ready to experience the world of tri!

In coming blog posts I'll talk about the next step in getting to the start of your first triathlon.

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