You love your bike, you have the gear, the shoes, the pedals, the zippy helmet. But does your bike love you back? Is your bike adjusted to be the best bike for you?
A proper bike fit can increase your efficiency and speed, not to mention substantially reduce the risk of repetitive cycling injuries.
Balance Multisport is psyched to welcome Cheryl Lumbruno to our team! Cheryl is a Certified Bike Fit Specialist as well as a Licensed Physical Therapist, she pairs her technical know-how with her amazing knowledge of physiology to create a bike fit like no other.
Winter can be a great season to dial in your bike fit, no races and a lighter training load give you more time to focus on finding that perfect riding position.
Check it out!

Take Your Bike Position Seriously

Pain, discomfort, fatigue, performance and pedaling efficiency are all related to a proper bike fit. 

Fit is not only about the correct frame size.  It is about your individual posture, alignment, flexibility and biomechanics. 

Improper fit affects posture and mechanics leading to overuse injuries.

Due to the repetition of bicycling (approximately 3,000 to 5,000 rotations per hour), many injuries will sneak up over time, but when your body is positioned properly you can maximize performance and prevent injuries.  One small injury or area of discomfort can lead to compensation and potential for problems.

No one cyclist’s body is like another, so your bike needs to fit your body specifically for optimal efficiency of your pedal stroke.

Our bike fit involves a detailed interview and medical history followed by a complete evaluation and assessment of flexibility, posture, strength and musculoskeletal alignment.  This information is applied to a proper fit on your bike.

Whether you spend 5 hours a week on your bike or 35, a proper bike fit can make all the difference!


***Fitting services are provided by Cheryl Lumbruno, licensed physical therapist with extensive certification and training through many schools of bike fit.***


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