Transition – the 4th discipline!

It is a skill to be able to swiftly move between swimming, biking and
running and like any other it must be practiced.
Brick workouts will help you physiologically adjust to moving between
disciplines, and setting up mini transition areas will help with this.

TA things to think about in training:
Swim to Bike
- Run from water to bike to simulate your elevated heart rate on race
- Lay out your shoes, helmet, glasses etc as you will on race day
- Practice running with your bike while wearing cycling shoes.
- Practice removing your wetsuit!

Bike to Run
- As you near the end of your ride go into an easier gear and start
spinning at a higher cadence (100-120 is good) this will increase the
blood flow to your legs.
- Try a few ‘spin ups’ cycling into as high a cadence as you can and
focusing on the pull of your pedal stroke not just powerful down
- Move quickly into your run as though you were at a race – it’s hard
to be fast sometimes at home – resist the urge to pop inside or get a
glass of water – we’re aiming for a realistic transition feeling.
- Start your run with quick cadence and a light step – it will probably
hurt a bit for the first few hundred meters – don’t let it stop you, the
weird feeling will go away and pretty soon you’ll just be running.

How to set up your TA:
- Some races will assign you a spot on a bike rack, others will let you
choose your own (another benefit to being early – pick an end
- Hang your bike on the rack front wheel in, handlebars over the
rack. If you have a mountain bike or straight bar hybrid turn the bike
around, back it under the rack and hook your saddle over the bar.
- Lay down your small towel and place your race gear on it, go in
order of events – at the front of your towel place your cycling shoes
(Velcro open, ready for feet) socks - one in each shoe.
- Put a little talcum powder in your shoes and socks and they will slide
on easily when your feet are wet.
- Lie your helmet on your shoes, straps open, put your sunglasses
inside – open and ready to put on.
- Behind that place your running shoes and hat

Remember that your transition area is your home base, it should reflect these two words - Easy and Efficient. If anything is your TA is unnecessary - remove it, hand off to your support crew/adoring fans!